Tired of finding online writing jobs to Earn Money online as per your interest? 

Don’t worry, here I have curated a giant list of Websites for each and every category that pays $100+ per Article only for you.

Just think about any category and it is there on the list. Don’t believe it, then check the full article once, it will blow your mind.

If you are a freelance writer and write online to earn some extra bucks or want to escape from a 9 to 5 job and earn your living through freelance writing jobs then I am 100% damn sure you have faced a problem to find a legit website that pays you $50 – $1000 just after approved your article.

And I am sure on this also that some of them have discussed revenue shared model at the time of payment, where they pay you according to your article generated revenue for them.

I have faced this problem every single day when I started my freelance online writing career. And sometimes when I interact with other writers on social media then I realized that it is the problem of every single online writer.

That’s why here, I have created an amazing giant list of 41 websites that pay you instantly just after approving or publishing your article. Not a single website will ask you about revenue sharing.

Each of them is personally tested by me and I have already worked with some websites and earned a huge profit so they are totally legit. They pay instantly and per article, you can get at least $100 so that you can make money online with this freelance writing job and earn your living without doing any other jobs.

So to make your online writing job easy and for giving a new height to your writing revenue, Let’s deep dive and see this detailed giant list.

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A-List of Best Websites that pay $100+ per Articles for Online Writing Jobs

Online Writing Jobs

1. ListVerse

Category:- General, Unique and unusual listicle posts

Pay:- $100/Article via PayPal

Description:- Looking for a listicle article(Top 10) about anything which is Unique, Interesting, and unusual means it can go viral. Make a list of at least 10 unique things and fill at least one paragraph in each entry and submit and the best part is you don’t have to worry about the image because they have their own graphic designer who uses the image which suits best as per your article need.

After approval, you will get paid $100 via PayPal and if your article will go viral and hold no. 1 rank in their list posts then you will get awarded $1000 extra in that month.

A clue about an unusual or unique thing:- Unsolved mysteries, secret knowledge, misconceptions, untold stories, uncommon facts, and so on.

2. Cracked

Category:-  General, Humor

Pay:- $100 – $250/Article via PayPal

Description:- Cracked is a Famous website that is only looking for humor instinct in articles. Whatever the topic is, it doesn’t matter for them because it should have only humor. That means it can entertain readers and no one can resist themself to share it after reading. Take a look at its article for building an idea to write for this website and get paid.

3. Tuts+ Code

Category:- Web Development (HTML5 | CSS3 | Javascript | Ruby | PHP etc.)

Pay:- $100 – $250/Article via PayPal

Description:- Looking for in-depth tutorials related to Web development topics. So if you have web development skills and you can write an in-depth tutorial about HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Database, and other topics then you can earn $250 per tutorial.

For quick tips, they paid $100 and for in-depth tutorials, they pay $250.

4. Greatist

Category:- Mental Health | RelationShip | Wellness | Life

Pay:- $125/Article

Description:- Have you ever faced mental problems? Do you have experience in life, relationship, wellness and etc.? This website is for you and you can earn $125 per article which should be 1000 -1500 words long by sharing your personal experience and life lessons.

5. Longreads

Category:- General, Anything

Pay:- $250 – $1500/Article

Description:- Longreads has included some specific topics let’s see what’s that.

BlogPosts/Reading lists/Short interviews:- $250 per post for 800 to 1000 words

Reported, researched, and critical essays:- $500 per post for 2000 to 3000 words

Book reviews, Book Excerpts, Author interviews, Bookish Essays: $500 per post for 2000 to 5000 words

Long-form journalism, Investigated projects:- $1500 per post for 2000 to 6000 words

6. Copyhackers

Category:- Copywriting/marketing/freelancing/Startups

Pay:- $300 – $1000 per post via PayPal

Description:- Copyhackers looking for an in-depth article on Copywriting techniques for Fb Ads, landing pages, Startup life, Marketing, A/B testing, UX vs UI copy, and much more. You can check all topics on their website and it’s really huge list. 

They only accept a well-researched article which should be 2000 words long.

7. Photoshop tutorials

Category:- Photoshop tutorial and Graphic Design

Pay:- $50 – $300 per tutorial post via PayPal

Description:- They are looking for photoshop tutorials where you can teach other people by your detailed guide or quick tips. If you submit quick tips then you will get paid $50 and for an in-depth tutorial and they pay you $150 -$300 per post.

For general Articles and Roundups about photoshop, you can earn $25 -$50.

8. Informed comment

Category:- Politics / Foreign Policy

Pay:- $100/post via PayPal

Description:- They are especially interested in original information or interviews on Middle Eastern and South Asian politics and US foreign policy. You can also submit detailed reports about Social issues like women’s rights, worker’s rights, Religious discrimination and energy, and climate change, and the article should be 800 to 1000 words long.

9. Bitch Media

Category:- Feminism, Pop Culture

Pay:- $150 – $1000 per Article

Description:- They are looking for Articles that describe feminism and Pop culture with evidence and statistics. Their payment varies upon the category. So just check their website and write content according to their needs.

10. Smashing magazine

Category:- Web Design and Development / User Interface / Coding

Pay:- $50 – $200 per Article

Description:- They are looking for detailed tutorials about Web design, Graphics design, UX design, WordPress, and Mobile. You can basically submit detailed tutorials, opinions, Ultimate guides, and case studies.

11. A list apart

Category:- Web Design, Internet

Pay:- $200

Description:- Looking for Web design Articles such as coding, design, user experience, and so on and the article should be anywhere between 600 to 2500 words.

12. International Living

Category:- Live Overseas

Pay:- $225 – $350 per Article

Description:- They are looking for articles and depth of information about global travel, living, retiring, investing and real estate that are not available anywhere else.

If you submit 900 words article then you will get paid $225 and for 1600 words $350 and the best part is that if they will use your photo then they will give your an extra $50.

13. Sitepoint

Category:- Web Development

Pay:- $150 – $200 per Article or Tutorial

Description:- Sitepoint is basically dedicated to web development where they are looking for Articles and Tutorials for HTML, CSS, and Sass and they pay $150 for Articles and $200 for tutorials and If your article will be more in-depth then you can get $300.

14. Digital Ocean

Category:- Python, Javascript, and Other Programming languages

Pay:- $75 – $400 per tutorial via PayPal

Description:- They are looking for in-depth tutorials that can teach readers to create a real-world project using Python and javascript. You will get paid $300 for typical content and for comprehensive content $400.

15. Tuts+ Vector

Category:- Vector Graphics

Pay:- $50:- $200 per Article/tutorial

Description:- They are looking for in-depth tutorials about Vector applications such as Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, Sketch App, Inkspace, and CorelDraw. If you submit quick tips you will get paid $50 – $75 and for long tutorials $150 – $200.

16. Tuts+ WP

Category:- WordPress, WordPress plugins

Pay:- $60  – $500 per Tutorial

Description:- Looking for Tutorials about WordPress and WordPress plugins. Quick tips will get $60 and Tutorials will get $150 – $500 depending on its type.

17. The Penny Hoarder

Category:- Personal Finance and Saving Tips

Pay:- $75 per Article via PayPal

Description:-They are Looking for 700 – 900 words long articles on personal finance, Saving tips of grocery, Budget wedding tips, and so on.

18. Tenderly

Category:- Vegan Lifestyle

Pay:- $200 per Article

Description:- This website is accepting articles about Vegan lifestyle, Vegan Recipes, Vegan travels, saving the planet, vegan culture, and how animals should be treated ad articles should be 500 to 5000 words long.

19. B. Michelle pippin

Category:- Make money online/ Marketing

Pay:- $50 – $150 per Article via PayPal

Description:- It is looking for contributors who can write about Make money online and marketing hacks and get paid anywhere between $50 to $150 depending on the nature of the article.

20. Better Humans

Category:- Self-improvement

Pay:- $500 per Article via PayPal

Description:- Looking for blogposts that include personal experience and evidence-based advice on human potential and Self-improvement. Article length should be 2750 words long.

21. Dollar Stretcher

Category:- Frugal Living

Pay:- $0.10 per word via Check/PayPal

Description:- Looking for Articles that can save time and money for people. In-depth Articles and practical experience that can help them to stretch their dollars.

22. Drop Zone

Category:- Skydiving

Pay:- $50 – $100 per article via PayPal

Description:- Looking for articles that would cover the topic such as technical safety on skydiving, skydiving gears, and so on. The article should be a minimum of 500 words long.

23. Design Tuts+

Category:-  Print Design/Typography/Microsoft Word

Pay:- $250 per tutorial via Paypal

Description:-  Another Tuts+ member who is looking for quick tips article and in-depth tutorials about Print Design, Typography, Microsoft Word, and Adobe design software. Standard length tutorial that includes 25 -30 steps/images will get paid $250 per tutorial.

24. A Fine Parent

Category:-  Parenting

Pay:-  $75 per Article via PayPal

Description:- Looking for parenting Articles that can describe each and everything to help people to be great parents.

25. Real Python

Category:- Web development /Python /Data Science

Pay:- $300 per Article via PayPal

Description:- Looking to in-depth tutorials on real Python, web development, data science, productivity, career, and so on and the article should be 1500 words long.

26. UX booth

Category:- Design/Usability

Pay:- $100 per Article via PayPal

Description:- Looking for articles that can make the world more user-friendly in design and usability and the article should be well researched and written from the 3rd person point of view and the length should be 1200 – 1800 words.

27. Clubhouse

Category:- Software Development and Engineering

Pay:- $350 – $600 per Article via PayPal

Description:- They are looking for content for Software developers and engineers and pay $350 for simple blog posts and for How-to tutorials, you will get $600 per article.

28. Great Escape Publishing

Category:- Travel

Pay:- $150 per Article via PayPal

Description:- They are looking for articles that can describe personal experiences and interviews. Their goal is to show people how to get paid by travel such as writing, travel photography, travel tours, and much more. The article should be 300 to 600 words long.

29. Income Dairy

Category:- Make Money Online/ Online Business

Pay:- $200 for worthy Articles

Description:-  This website is basically dedicated to online business articles like Buying/selling websites, SEO, Getting traffic, Make money online, and so on.

30. Elite Personal Finance

Category:- Finance

Pay:- $100/post

Description:-  If you are looking to write Personal Finance articles then this website is the best option for you. It accepts articles on personal finance, makes money online, saving tips, credit cards, loans, identity theft, business, and so on. The article should be 1000 – 3000 words long.

31. SemaPhore

Category:- Software development

Pay:- $200 per article

Description:- SemaPhore is publishing the article for Software developers. If you have the skill then you can write about software tools, topics related to test-driven development, and DevOps automation.

32. Plesk

Again a Web design/Web development/Web Security/ WordPress website that offers $50 – $200 per tutorial based on the length of the tutorial as I talked about earlier websites.

33. Linode

Linode is a website that offers $300 per guide and continuously looking for a comprehensive article on topics like Linux, Linode, and cloud infrastructure. So if you have skills in Linux then this website is your goldmine.

34. Yoga international

Category:- Yoga/Meditation

Pay:- $50 – $150 per Article

Description:- If you are a fitness lover and love to do yoga and meditation then this website is for you. Here you can write instructional Articles about yoga and meditation and earned $150 per article. For shot and quick tips, you will only get $50.

35. Providence

If you belong to the Christian community and you know each cultural thing about this religion then you can write articles about Christian faith and theology and earned $100 per article from home.

36. The Progressive

Interested in politics then here is the chance to earn up to $100 – $1300 money by writing articles about politics, social movement, foreign policy, and much more related to government.

37. Serious Eats

Hey foodie lovers, This website gives you $100 per article for writing about recipes and food so just head over to this website and grab your money by writing about your love and that is your food.

38. SQLServerCentral

Do you have the skill of SQL? This website is giving you a chance to earn $150 per article only for writing about SQL tutorials and Articles.

This is the best site for a person who loves writing about Business, marketing, finance, health, sports, and almost every niche. The best part is that you have to write an article for building quality backlinks and you can earn up to $150 – $1000 based on website DA quality and Backlinks.

40. Cooking Detective

Again a cooking website that pays $150 – $250 for an extended guide and $50 – $75 for a simple article. If you are a foodie and health freak then this website is the best for you because You can write about healthy recipes, nutrition tips, fitness guides, reviews of cooking courses and cooking appliances, and getting paid.

41. Freelance Mom

Hey Moms, this website is especially for you because You can earn up to $75 – $100 per article. Only you have to write about your experience after becoming a mom and how you managed yourself that’s it.

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