Do you know, you can Monetize your Voice? Yeah, It’s absolutely true. I am talking about voice-over jobs. You can earn money online by just recording your voice.

I know you don’t believe but let me explain this first.

Have you seen cartoon movies, Dubbed Movies in other languages, and Animation Movies like Bolt, Piper, Wall-E, and so on?

How did these cartoon characters communicate on screen?

It is all possible because the Voice actor records voices with emotion and brings those cartoon characters live on screen. This is the main job of any voice actor.

If you have got many compliments for your voice and want to work as a voice-over actor, then this article is for you. In this article, I will tell you about the 12 best legit Companies where You can join as a Voice Over actor and earn money.

How Much You can Earn from Voice Over Jobs?

Earning depends on the job nature, which means for whom you are working for like TV Ads, Commercials, Backstage, Songs, Main character, Supporting character, and so on.

But According to Payscale data, a voice-over actor earns approx $30 per hour normally and it varies according to the experience they have. Some experienced voice actors charge $500 per hour.

Does Voice Over Artists Need Any Equipment?

Yes, If you are working from home by joining a site which I am going to recommend in a few moments. But, if you are directly recording in the company’s studio then you don’t need any equipment. But I will suggest that you always keep the equipment below equipment for practice. Because any work needs the practice to be best.

  1. Microphone
  2. Mic Stand
  3. Headphones
  4. Software (i.e Audacity, FLstudio, ocenaudio)
  5. Laptop
  6. A Silent WorkPlace
Voice Over Jobs

The Best Place to Get Voice Over Jobs Online

The Below listed websites provide voice-over jobs. It is the Best place to Monetize your voice. 

1. VoiceBunny

VoiceBunny is the best place for freshers to start voice-over jobs. Because it is a new website in the market but it has a very fast delivery of projects within 3 minutes. It also gives you to select your own rate per hour which makes it unique. And it uses the best and latest technology that is artificial intelligence which helps you to get an exact matched project directly in your mailbox. No need to go through all listed auditions and select the best one.

That’s why I can tell, it is giving tough competition to other players. The best part of this website is, you can record voices at your home in your own language and send it to them. Because they accept more than 50 languages voice over and have a community of almost 28 thousand worldwide.

2. Voices

Voices are the best platform for freshers who want to just start their Voice over career. It is well established and has a very large community of voice-over artists worldwide. You can easily get paid anywhere between $100 to $1000 depending on the nature of the job. The best part of this website is you can just work from home for many known multinational companies.

Companies like Microsoft, Cisco, Discovery Channel, History Channel, and many more are their genuine and main clients. Because it is the best and trusted marketplace for voice-over jobs.

You can simply start doing a job by filling up your credentials on this website and upload a sample voice-over recording for review. If your voice is really good enough then you can easily get a job. Choosing a premium account worth $499 can give you extra features like new project notifications directly sent to your mailbox, and your profile will get ranked on their website.

3. FilmLess

FilmLess is basically a professional video creator place but they also need a huge amount of voice-over artists to complete their video project. So if you are a beginner then there is a high chance to get a voice-over job at this website.

The only condition is, to have a good voice quality and work efficiency because they give you only 4 hours to complete a project and as fast as you deliver your work, there is a high chance to get selected for big companies.

They also have big clients like Google, ASUS, Deloitte, and others. But these companies need 5 years of work experience. But if you have a good track record on this platform then there’s more chance to get selected for their work. 

4. The Voice crafters

No, this website is not for you, if you are a fresher. Because voice crafters only work with experienced voice-over artists who have at least 5 years of experience. They only focus on quality. They used to deliver projects worldwide in almost 80 languages in various categories like TV Ads, commercials, explainer, e-learning, promotional videos, IVRs, and so on.

To join Voice crafters is absolutely free, but the only strict condition is to have a high-quality recording studio and experience. Voice artists on this site earn anywhere between $100 to $3000 per project.

5. Voice123

Voice123 claims itself the best player in the Voice Over market. Because its main clients are big companies like 21 Fox Century, NBC, Coke, and many other reputed brands. It has also completed more than 250,000 projects till now. That’s why they have enough achievements to show themself as a big player in the voice-over marketplace.

You can expect anywhere between $30 to $100 per hour depending on the nature of the job on this website. Joining as a voice-over artist is very simple. Just record a voice sample and fill the credentials on this website and upload your sample. A good voice never got rejected.

There are three types of accounts available on this website: Standard, Premium, and Platinum. No doubt, Standard is free. But if you want more work opportunities and more exposure on this website then go with any premium account. So that, You can get more chances to appear in all listed auditions.

6. Snap Recordings

Want to give a voice to your favorite cartoon or just funny way? Snap recording is the place that focuses on telephone system recordings, greetings, messages on hold, and so on. You have listened to voices on your mobile, it’s also a voice-over. They also record funny or humorous voices for the caller tune for customers. 

You can earn approx $50 to $100 per hour depending on the nature of the job. To apply on this website all the process is the same like filling credentials and sending a good voice over recording to them. Once you get selected then all projects come directly to your mailbox. To get more projects, you have to work efficiently and deliver projects before the timeline finishes.

7. The voice realm

The voice realm is the best place to get voice-over jobs for freshers. You can earn anywhere between $50 to $100 per hour depending on the nature of the project. You can join this website by just uploading your voice sample and credentials. 

Here you have to wait for the approval. After approval, you can just browse through its projects and give auditions to them daily.  Projects are available daily, so you only have to work on your skills. This website is absolutely free to join, and also provides work for translators. So if you are interested you can do a translator job also.

8. Amazon ACX

Amazon has started a platform where they convert its products like eBooks, Cartoon stories into audiobooks. And pays anywhere between $100 to $500 per project. So there is a huge chance for freshers to join Amazon ACX to be voice-over artists on the amazon platform. 

The Audiobooks of amazon featured on Amazon, iTunes so that you have a great chance to get more exposure for your voice and once you worked with amazon then you can get so many opportunities.

Joining Amazon as a voice-over actor is pretty easy. Just sign up and upload your sample voice. After getting approved, you can browse through listed projects and work for them.

9. Backstage

Want to give your voice to your favorite actor or cartoon character? Backstage is the best platform for that. They basically record casting voices. This means they used to give dubbing voice or normal voice in Hollywood movies or cartoon movies. So if you have a good quality voice then you can also be the voice of your favorite star.

So many giant production houses like Disney, 21 Star Fox, and others search for voice-over artists on this platform. You can simply join this platform by giving your details and uploading a voice sample. After That browse through thousands of ongoing projects and give auditions. Once you will get selected then the client will directly contact you on this platform. You can earn at least $50 per project.

10. Other Bonus Websites

There are so many websites out there to get voice-over jobs, but not all of them are legit. So the above-listed websites are genuine and tested by so many users which I personally know.

Other than these websites, You can search for freelancer voiceover jobs on job listing websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, indeed, and so on.

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The above-listed website provides voice-over jobs that you can do from home and earn at least $100 per hour. But the only condition is, you must have a very high-quality voice and you can deliver scripts very efficiently with emotions so that there should be a feeling in your voice. And most of the websites work well for you if you get a premium membership. 

NOTE:- So this job is only for serious candidates who really want to become a voice-over actor and ready to invest some money to get started.

I hope you find this article informational. Please don’t forget to share this article and comment below if you also have tried voice-over acting jobs before.

Voice Over Jobs from home

Thank you.

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