There is not a perfect age to start a business neither for success. As soon as you have business ideas, you can start your entrepreneurial journey at any age.

For example, you can look at the story of Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and so many others. Some of them are college drop out, Some of them have started their first business at the age of 14, and so on.

So, if you are a teenager and thinking about starting a business then don’t just wait to finish your school or college. Just implement your idea along with your studies and run your business parallelly with your studies. Because if you think that you will do it later then it means you are not going to start your business forever. Because as time changes, our priority and interest also change.

Don’t worry about Business Ideas, In this Article, I am going to share 20 small business ideas for teenagers which you can start it from today.

Why should every teenager start a business?

It’s not mandatory but there is some factual reason. If you start a business in your teenage, it will grow with time and start giving you money. And when you finish your schooling or college then you don’t have to run for 9 – 5 jobs. You can continue your business full-time and earn money online from home.

And in my view, 9-5 jobs will never give you time and money according to your ability and also your growth will be limited and you have a fixed price for your ability which helps others to fulfill their dreams, not yours. But in business, you have all dimensions open to scale up your business and your lifestyle, ability and there is not a fixed price. You can earn a lot more than you work and think.

So my friends, If you have business ideas then just start it or if you don’t have any business ideas then in this article I am going to tell you some best and small business ideas for Teenagers which you can do in your free time Make Money Online or Offline.

So let’s Just Start.

Best & Small Business Ideas for Teens 

1. Subject Tutor

A very simple and easy business for any teen is to start Subject tutoring. In school life or college life, everyone has some good skills or some extra knowledge of any particular subject. It can be English, Maths, Science, Drawing, Computer or any other subject. So if you are good at any subject, you can start teaching those teens who are struggling in that subject. And instead of teaching them you can charge a tuition fee and earn money.

small business ideas for teens

2. College Prep Tutor

A College Prep tutor is the same as a subject tutor but it is only for those students who are studying in college. At college time, So many students struggle to pass in any particular subject. So if you are good at that subject then you can charge money to teach them. In college, you can also start a small coaching batch for those who want to prepare for competitive exams and get a Govt. Jobs. 

3. Child Care

Child Care business is also famous in cities. In this busy life, Working class people don’t have much time to take care of kids. So they used to hire babysitters who can take good care of their kids. So if you want to make money by just caring for children then you can start babysitting on weekends or weekdays. People pay good money to babysitters because it is a matter of their child care.

small business ideas for girls

4. Social Media Influencer

Social media Influencer is very simple, lucrative, and trending small business ideas for Teenagers. So if you have a decent amount of followers on social media like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook then you can be an Influencer and promote the company’s products and earn sponsorship money or Affiliate income. 

Right now it is a trending business. Everyone who uses social media wants to be an influencer and earn money. Even millions of people are already earning from social media and living their life in full freedom without worrying about money.

Small Business Ideas for youth

5. Youtuber

I think you are well aware of youtube. Youtube is also a trending career or business for millions of people and some people have made a business around it. And millions of people earning full-time income only from youtube. 

So that, if you are a teenager and you have any specific knowledge about anything like Comedy, cooking, sports, gaming, education or so on then you can start your youtube channel and share your knowledge by making videos on youtube. You can earn a good income after monetization. It is the best thing to start at an early age so that you can be financially free in your 20’s.

6. Blogger

Blogging is also the best business ideas for teenagers. If you have specific knowledge about anything like Sports, Cooking, Education, News, Games, How to tutorials or so on then you can just start a website and share your knowledge by writing articles. You can monetize your website through Google Adsense, Affiliate products, sponsored posts, digital products and earn huge revenue. 

You can also build a Digital Marketing Company in the future after getting success. I personally recommend everyone to start a blog for side income and make it your main source of income after one or two years.

7. Cake Decorator

Creativity can create so many businesses. If you are in your teenage then just learn to decorate cakes and start your own cake business. You can invest some money to open your own store or join as a cake decorator in other stores in your free time and earn money. The cake business is very lucrative because on every single occasion we need a cake to celebrate.

You can also start your youtube channel or blog to earn money online by just teaching others to decorate cakes.

Business ideas for teenagers

8. Car washing Service

A very simple business to earn money without any skill. Join any car washing shop in your free time and start earning money by washing cars. 

For teens, it’s the best business to earn money. You can also invest some money to open your own washing car spot. You can do it in your free time or if you want to run it full time then you can hire someone to run it a full day. 

9. House Cleaner

A very simple and nonskilled business for everyone. But if you are in your teenage and want to earn some extra money then this business is best for you. Because it doesn’t take so much time. In a couple of hours, you can complete your work and earn money. So in your free time, this is the best, simple, and no-brainer work to do. There are so many online websites also providing this work.

10. Laundry service

It is very common, simple, non-skilled, no-brainer work. You can open a laundry service in your locality and just spend two hours daily and you will start earning money. If you have a washing machine in your house then you can also start a mobile laundry business. Just set up your washing machine on a four-wheeler and start roaming door to door. It is a very simple and trending business. 

11. Lawn Care

The lawn care business is the best and small business ideas for teenagers. There are several lawns in your city, join any of them and just spend your two hours caring for the lawn properly and you can earn a good monthly income from this business. 

12. Dog walking

In cities, people keep pets in their house but they don’t have much time to spend with pets. And pets always need to roam outside. And Especially dogs. So there is an opportunity for you. Just start a dog walking job and people pay for it. There are several online websites and apps that provide dog walking jobs. 

dog walking

13. Gift wrapping service

You have seen that people used to give gifts at birthday parties and it is properly wrapped in a colorful wrapper. But not everyone knows how to wrap a gift properly that looks unique. So that you can learn this and start gift wrapping services in your locality. Or, join any gift shop and start gift wrapping for them and they will pay you money for that.

You can also open a youtube channel and teach people to wrap gifts in various styles.

14. Tech Support

Tech support basically means tele-caller or BPO services, where you have to troubleshoot other problems on the phone or you can promote company products on the phone. And they will pay you a salary. So if you are a teenager then you can join tech support as a part-time job and earn some extra pocket money.

15. Technology Tutor

Youth knows more about technology. If you also know about some technical stuff like troubleshooting mobile problems, laptop problems then you can start your youtube channel and blog and start creating content on every problem. This is the best way to earn money as a teenager and so many youths are already doing this and earning millions of dollars. It is also the best and small business ideas for teenagers.

16. Online graphics seller

If you have some creative instinct or you know about graphics. Then you can start selling graphics online. There are so many photography websites like iStockShutterstock which used to sell premium photos. You can also sell your photos on their website and earn money.

17. Event Photographer

Photography is the best business to earn a huge income. People pay so much money for wedding photography or any event photography. You only have to take some nice pictures. You can make your own photography portfolio online and promote it on google or Facebook to get clients. You can also join any known event organizers and work as a photographer for them.


18. Videographer

Same as I described for photography. The process is the same. If you know how to handle cameras properly and shoot awesome videos then you can start your own videography business and shoot videos for marriage or any events. People pay good amounts of money for this.

19. Online Survey 

This is a very simple work-from-home job online. So if you don’t want to go outside to do any work or want to just earn some money just by sitting at your home. Then Online Survey is the first thing to do. There are several websites that provide online surveys. You only have to finish the task and they will pay for that. Check the article to know about some legit website that provides online survey jobs and pay money in reality.

20. Test Websites and Apps, Games

Testing websites, Apps, and games online and give your honest feedback is also the best way to earn money online by just sitting in your bedroom. For teens, It is the best business to start and earn some extra income. So many websites are there where you can get this testing job. Read the article below to know about the topmost websites that pay $10/test.


There is not a fixed age to start a business and earn money. You can start your business in your teenage years. The above-listed small business ideas for teenagers are only some examples that are simple and easy to start. There are plenty of business ideas that you can do.

To be financially free in early ages is the most important thing. Without financial freedom you can’t live your life at its fullest and never enjoy each moment of life.

So, friends, I hope you liked this article and if you are a teenager then think once about these business ideas. And if you also have some unique business idea then share in the comment box so that it can help others.

small business ideas for teenagers

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