Testing is the most important stage for every website, Software or Any Apps before publishing. Because this is the only step where you can catch all the defects or bugs at an earlier stage and finally remove them in the beginning so that your digital product can work effectively. 

For example, I am a blogger. So that after creating a website, It’s important for me to test my websites whether everything is user-friendly or not, Navigation is easily accessible or not, Design is neat and clean or not, Contents are valuable or not. Because if these things are not properly structured on my website then I am not going to rank on google first page and also I will lose visitors. And Losing visitors means I am losing my money.

I am just an independent blogger so I can check all these things by myself. But, there are so many companies or websites out there who pay good money to third party websites for website reviews, software or application reviews. So there is a best opportunity for you to join these types of websites and start earning money by testing out websites or applications from home.

Things You Need to Start Your Testing Job from Home:-

  • A Laptop/Desktop
  • A high Speed Internet Connection
  • Be an Internet Savvy
  • Fluent in English Speaking
  • A camera & Microphone
  • Keep you everything Updated in Laptop

The main problem is, there are thousands of websites out there, which one you should join. So friends, Below I am going to share At least 20 Legit Websites for Testing Jobs where you can simply join and start a testing job from home. Every test takes only 5 – 20 minutes and for each test they pay you $10/site. 

20 Legit Sites where you can get Paid for Test Websites

1. UserTesting

Estimated Earning:- $10 – $60( per test)

UserTesting website is the top of our list because here you will get paid $10 for each 20 minute test. It provides a testing job for everyone who can receive payment via PayPal.

The process of joining as a tester on this website is very simple. You just have to login and complete a sample test. Once you clear the test you are eligible to take assignments. The work includes Website testing and Application Testing. You only have to spend 15 to 20 minutes time on each test. Once they review your opinion after that you will get paid at least $10.

website testing jobs

2. Respondent

Estimated Earning:- $40 – $100 (Per Project)

Respondent is another great website in our list. It is basically a Research study platform. Where you can get surveys, website testing job and Group Studies work to complete. 

You can simply join as a tester by creating your account on this website using your email address, Facebook, or LinkedIn and activate your account. After that just fill in all the information like your employment status, demographics, Contact info, Payment mode and you are good to go. 

To get a test websites job, you just browse through available projects and apply for the relevant project which you are comfortable to complete. Each testing job has a different Payout range. Sometimes you can get $50 for 20 minute website testing, Sometimes you will get $100 for a 60 minute test. They also send you email if any project is available and matches your criteria. You can also refer a project to your friends and if they complete it you will earn commission.

3. TryMyUI

Estimated Earning:- $10 per test

TryMyUI gives you websites and Apps to test and wants your honest feedback as you use any app or website in your real-life. To start work with TryMyUi, You just sign up and take a qualification test. Just pass this simple test and be a part of their testing team. You will get an email for each testing opportunity. 

To complete a testing task, You just have to record your screen while testing and speak loudly your thoughts and frustrations whatever and send it to them. Once they review your video, then you will get $10 per test via PayPal. They release payment every Friday.

Website testing jobs

4. UserFeel

Estimates Earning:- $10 per test

UserFeel is a website where you get paid for usability testing on various websites. It’s a kind of website testing which is related to online shopping. They just want to know what problem you are facing on a website while purchasing any product. You don’t have to buy products or use your real identity. 

Simply join this website using Email, Pass in a sample test and now you are ready for taking test jobs. You must have the best microphone to record your voice clearly. For each 10 to 20 minutes test, you will get paid $10 via PayPal or Amazon Gift cards weekly.

5. Userlytics

Estimated Earning:- $5 – $90 (Per Test)

Check out websites and apps in your free time and make money up to $5 to $90 from your home. Just signup on this website and get assignments to test like prototype, production website, mobile apps, commercial videos and other digital UI. Speak out loud your thoughts, emotions, criticism, suggestions and submit. After review, they will pay you via PayPal. They provide testing project countries around the world.

6. Intellizoom

Estimated Earning:- $2 – $10 (per test)

Earn up to $2 for simple survey and $10 for test Video Submission. This company provides you with a websites usability test. Where you have to submit your honest opinion on various websites. You just register yourself and answer 3 basic profiling questions. Each test takes up to 10 to 20 minutes to complete. Once they review your opinion then you will get paid via PayPal in 21 business days.

7. Validately

Estimated Earning:- $10 – $100 (Per test)

Validately is a testing company acquired by Userzoom. You can join as a tester by creating an account. They will give you assignments to complete website or Application tests for other companies. After completing study, You will get paid anywhere between $10 – $100 depending on the nature of study. They release your payment via PayPal within a week after completion of the test.

8. Userbrain

Estimated Earning:- $3 per test

Userbrain is the Best website for test websites from home and making money online. To join as a tester, you simply have to sign up and download and install their Userbrain Recorder for chrome browser or ios to test websites. Then you just go through the set of tasks and speak your thoughts and record detailed videos while testing. Each test takes up to 5 to 15 minutes to complete. Once you complete the test just submit your video on this website. After reviewing your videos, they will pay you $3 per test via PayPal. They release payment weekly.

9. TestingTime

Estimated Earning:- Euro 50 (Per test)

TestingTime is a website where you can get paid in Euros. To work on this website you must have an Skype app installed in your computer and a high speed internet connection. Because, Here all tests you have to complete via Skype video call. Each test takes up to 30 to 90 minutes and you will get paid via PayPal within a week. 

testing websites from home

10. testIO

Estimated Earning:- $50 Per test

TestIO is a website where you will get paid for test Websites, Latest Apps, Games. They basically tell you to find issues or bugs in apps, games, and websites. For any critical and important issue they pay more. And if you are not able to find any issue then also you can earn by just rating Apps. You can earn up to $50 per test by just doing work from home. You can receive your earnings via PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, and  bank Transfer.

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11. Checkealos

Estimated Earning:- Euro 8 Per Feedback

Checkealos is a website where you can get paid 8 Euro for a 15 minute session. You only have to give your honest feedback on websites and Apps. Here they provide you to test websites and Apps in various categories like Apps, Cars, Banking, insurance, virtual reality, e-commerce.

Just register yourself, fill all details and start earning money by giving feedback. You will receive all projects via email. They pay your earnings via PayPal Account.

12. PingPong

Estimated Earning:- 10- 100 euros per Session

PingPong is a website where they provide you websites and Apps to test on 1 on 1 video call. It’s just like an interview where you have to tell your honest opinion in front of them and they can also ask questions and suggestions which you have to answer properly.

You will get paid 15 Euro for 30 Minutes session and 30 euros for 60 minute session. You can earn up to 100 euros depending on the nature of the test and if you have some special technical skill then you can get 200 euros for one test. They pay you money via PayPal and Transferwise within 2-3 days.

PingPong testing wesites jobs

13. Ferpection

Estimated Earning:- $10 – $25 per test

If you are an addicted mobile user then this website is for you. Ferpection only provides testing jobs for Mobile sites and Apps. You have to give your honest opinion and suggestion and you will get paid up to $25 for a 45 minutes session.

The best thing about Ferpection is, if you forget to record your video or audio then you can take a screenshot of your test and submit and also answer test based questions. They release payments via PayPal every month on last Friday.

user testing jobs for websites

14. UserCrowd

Estimated Earning:- $0.10 Cents per test

UserCrowd is at the last in my list because it pays very very less. But still you can earn from this website and keep it in your testing website list. You just have to participate in quick design surveys like answering questions, click on websites, navigate on a site and so on. They give you credit on each task and one credit is equal to $0.10. The payment made via PayPal. 

Yeah you can’t earn more but still you can add some money in your monthly income.

15. User Interviews

Estimated Earning:- $40 – $200 per task

UserInterviews provides Interview based testing jobs where you have to give your opinion on 1 on 1 video call. They have some categories in which they pay differently like $125 for a 60 minutes Interview. 

So you can just browse all categories and which one you find best for you just complete that task and earn money online from home.

You only have to sign up and create a profile, qualify in a screener survey and then you are ready to join the test.

 The payment you can receive via PayPal or Amazon gift cards.

16. uTest

If you are a Brand Lover then you can become a uTester and test out your favourite brands like, google, Amazon, Netflix, tesla, Uber, Starbucks and give your honest feedback on their upcoming projects.

Join as a Utester, fill out an online application, give an audition to show your technical skill and wait for the assignment. Whenever any study available they will notify you via email. They have not mentioned the Payout on their website but they claim to pay average market rate for testing jobs.

test websites jobs

17. Loop11

Loop11 is a company where they occasionally conduct websites test. You can join their panel by submitting an online form as a website tester and complete a 5 minute test to prove your eligibility to work with them. It is an Australian company who work with all top MNCs like Google, IBM, JP Morgan, Godaddy and so on. There is not much information available about payout on their website but they have mentioned that to pay above average rate to testers for high quality website testing and also give you bonus.

18. Enroll

Enroll is a Platform where you can enroll yourself and start your website testing job simply by sitting at home. Once you submit your email and password  and choose your preferred device and enroll then you are good to go. Whenever any test opportunity will be available they will notify you via email. You will get paid according to the nature of the test. They pay you via Paypal and give you work experience badges that can help you to get more jobs frequently.

19. Uber Testers

UberTester website only provides jobs for mobile users where you can test only apps and games and give your feedback.You can join as a tester by filling up a short form where they ask about some technical skills. Then their manager will contact you and complete your certification process. Now you are ready to test apps and earn money in your spare time.

20. Another Websites For testing jobs

UpWork:- You can find plenty of web testing and App testing jobs here. You just have to grab these projects and complete and submit and get paid.

Fiverr:- Same like Upwork, Just grab projects, complete it and get paid minimum $5.

ClickWorkers:- There are so many micro jobs available. Just search for testing jobs and complete tasks and earn money.

How can you earn More on these websites?

To earn more on these websites, you have to follow some different way than others. Because in the market Testers are more than customers. And that’s why there is less opportunity to get daily tasks on a website. You can’t even predict you will get more than one test in a week or month or not.

So here you can do couple of things to increase your earning:-

  • Join as many websites as you can, so that you will get daily tasks on any of them.

  • Always provides honest review so that companies will give you good rating that will increase your chance to get more task in a day

  • Always take a practice test and go through their guidance which is provided on their website.

If you have more than one device then make two or three ids and join.

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Final Thoughts

Testing websites and apps will not make you so rich but it can give you some extra bucks that can help you to pay your bills and expand your financial space. Also, it is productive work for you, because your opinion helps companies to make a better product for users. It means you are also a reason behind the best products in the market.

Testing is also a best option to earn some extra money in spare time. Although we are going to waste our free time so why not use it to fill up our wallets.

Have you ever done testing jobs? If yes then Drop your experience in the comment box. We would love to hear from you.

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