Listen to Music Earn Money, Maybe you will not believe it, but it is totally true that you can earn money by listening to the song every day on Spotify. I know you are thinking that how is that possible, even I listen to music every day but never earn single money.

Yes, it is true. But, you didn’t make any money because before these side hustles were not available. And if it was there then maybe you didn’t know about them.

Nowadays there are so many music companies and online websites are offering services where you can listen to songs and give your honest review and earn money. Your honest reviews help musicians and artists to make music based on their choices.

These platforms help independent artists to launch their careers and make music to the next level. It directly connects with so many song curators who listen to music and give their honest reviews, which helps artists to make the best piece of music based on the listener’s choice. 

There are so many music websites that pay you money for listening to songs and reviews or Listen to the radio and get paid. Some of the website names are like Slice the Pie, Research.FM, Music Xray, Radio Loyalty, FusionCash, Earnably, Hit predictor, and so on.

But these days, Spotify is the well-known and widely used music website and app which is famous among youth for listening to music. The best feature of this music app is that you can connect it with Social media and follow your friends and also increase your followers. You can make your own playlist and share it with your friends on social media.

Now here is the twist with Spotify. Maybe you know or don’t know, but you can make money by creating your own playlist on Spotify. You just have to create a playlist and increase some followers and you can make more than $100 per day.

You don’t believe in it, right?

In this blog, I am going to reveal my Secret that how I make $120 daily by listening to songs with the help of Spotify. I will walk you through a step-by-step process to make money from your favorite song. So, stay with me till the end and read each step carefully.

At the end of this article, I will also give you a bonus tip to earn money by just listening to music on the radio. And the best part of this radio is you will have to turn it on and forget. It is a totally legit passive income for you. My top Secret is also here for you.

Pretty excited! Ha?

Ok, let’s straight jump to the process of making money from Song without any further delay. 

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Listen to Music on Spotify and earn Money

Step-by-Step Process to get paid by Listen to Music Earn Money On Spotify

Let me clear one thing first. Spotify never pays you money for listening to music. But there are other music websites that pay you for creating a playlist on Spotify and share it with them. Spotify gives you access to millions of latest and old songs, podcasts for free, they don’t ask for any credit card.

So you can create a playlist of your favorite songs on Spotify and share it with these websites to earn money.

Let me explain now, which websites pay you for your playlist and How?

1. Playlist PushPlayList Push for Spotify music listen and earn money

Playlist push is the single website that pays $12 per song to all of its playlist curators for listening and reviewing each song.

This platform is mainly dedicated to Artists and Playlist curators. Artists used to set a campaign for their new song and try to get a high-quality review and their goal to get added in more and more playlist. This platform helps so many musicians to start their careers based on reviews and places in more playlist.

If you are an artist and create music then this platform is best for you to start but you have to invest your money in campaigns. But I am here to talk about Playlist Curators who can make money by their playlist. 

Who is a curator? What is the benefit of being a curator?

A curator is a person who owns and manages a music playlist. He adds and deletes music on a daily basis and shares it with other groups and friends.

A curator can get a great opportunity to find new music and monetize their playlist. If you have a large Spotify playlist then you can get paid for review music.

How can you join the Playlist Push as a Curator?

You can join as a curator on this website. But, before joining you must have a Spotify playlist with 400 followers base at least.

PlayList Push Curator Section

If you meet these criteria then you can simply apply by Signup using Spotify account. 

Sign up using Spotify Playlist

After signup the Choose Curator account. Then they will verify your followers on Spotify.

Curator Account for Playlist Push

Once you setup your profile successfully then you can start reviewing songs and earn money daily.

Playlist Push will send you an email whenever there is any campaign running based on your playlist interest. You have to open that email and listen to the song and give a high-quality review on that song and if you like, you can add it to your Spotify playlist. For this much work, you will get paid $12 per song.

But wait wait wait! Let me reveal some hard truth. 

  • Your earning depends on your Spotify playlist reputation score.
  • Earning can decrease if your monthly active listeners will decrease any of your playlists.
  • Increase income by maintaining a healthy, active, growing playlists.

Maybe you think it is a difficult process but here I got your back, my friends. Let me tell you some simple and easy way to get Spotify followers so fast and some tips about creating a good playlist.

How can you Increase your Spotify playlist followers so fast?

There are so many ways to increase followers but I will tell you my top 3 recommendations to gain it:-

  1. Leverage social media but mainly facebook, create a professional page with professional brand name and design, Follow other groups and page and post your playlist song in groups, Choose only one type of music just like a niche.
  2. Reddit is the most powerful way to gain followers, maybe you don’t know but there is a subreddit called “Spotify playlists”, which regularly host competitions in which the best playlist wins a prize every week. You only have to put your Spotify playlist link in subreddit. Then traffic will start flowing to your playlist because Reddit is high ranking authority in search engines, and website user engagement can make any post-viral within an hour.
  3. Use playlist Exchange features in the Spotify forum. Post your playlist with brief descriptions of your genre, your mission, and your target audience, make certain that you don’t forget to tag related genres and keywords.
  4. This one is an extra tip for you from my side. Your playlist should be at least 300 songs and always remove old songs so that your followers can listen to new songs.

How can you create a good Spotify playlist and keep it active?

  1. 100- 200 tracks in your playlist would be best
  2. Don’t force people to follow your playlist, they will do it by themselves if your songs are good.
  3. Never put all kinds of music in one playlist, make yourself a master in one kind of genre.
  4. Don’t change your playlist name to attract followers.
  5. Update your playlist regularly and delete old songs always

If you want to earn $12 per song then follow all the steps which I tell above. Playlist Push accepts the high quality of playlist curators. So first make your playlist effective and then apply on this website, you will easily get verified and approved for review song and monetize your playlist. If you do daily at least 10 reviews then you can make $120 daily. And this is what I do to earn by listening to music. I described my all Secret steps with you. Now it’s all depends on you that how much hard work you are giving to this side hustle.

If you can’t do the above steps then below is two website list on which you can submit your playlist to get followers easily without doing anything. Only you have to submit your playlist on these websites.

2. for Spotify Playlist Listen music earn money is a website where you can submit your playlist and increase followers automatically. All you have to do is log in with the Spotify account and submit your Spotify playlist on this website.

First head over to Submit a playlist button as shown in the above pic and then one popup window will open, choose Spotify option to log in. Login with Spotify

Then submit your playlist on the next page as shown in the below pics.

Submit Spotify Playlist

This is the best way to grow your follower base from this website. If you have no idea about how to create a playlist then you can also generate your own playlist automatically through the option generate a playlist. There are options like choose your favorite artists and number of tracks. So I think this is also the best option for a newbie.

3. Soundplate

Soundplate Music Playlist for Earn money with Songs

This is also the best website to submit your Spotify playlist and grow your followers. The best part of this website is, you can create short links for your playlist songs and share it easily on social platforms.

You can also create a music visualizer for each song. It gives you a wide range to genre option to select music and add it to your playlist. You can also track your fans, what they like most and which type of music? There is a great option to create a QR code for your music, which is the most useful feature nowadays to scan it and find music.

So, This website is also a great help for newbies to grow followers on their playlist.

That’s all from my side, you can easily earn money if you follow each step in this article. It is a very easy and simple way to earn money from your mobile by listening to music.

Now one extra bonus for you here and it is totally legit and passive income. Just give it a try.

Extra Bonus to Earn money by listening to music:- RadioEarn

Radioearn for Earn money to Listen music on radio

RadioEarn is a website where you can earn money by listening to music. You don’t have to do anything on this website, just sign up and start listening to radio songs.

After every 15 minutes, it pays you 0.25 points. This website converts your point in dollars automatically on 15 in every month. You can also convert manually but it takes 35 business days

Conversion rates of points are:- 1000 point = 3.05 USD  

You can withdraw your earnings by bank wire transfer, Amazon gift card, Paypal, or Bitcoin wallet.

There are three options to earn on this website:

  • Listening to the radio
  • Surfing the web
  • Browser Mining

You can check your earnings on the dashboard in the account section. 

This is the best way to earn passive income only by listening to songs. I always use to listen to music and make money like this. Today I revealed my secrets with you. 

It’s time to Wrap up 

Earn money online has become easy in this digital world, we only need to know about the right approach and deep knowledge with time and dedication. No one can be rich in a night, every rich people invest their time and money to make them rich. 

Every day we listen to music. So now it’s time to earn money from your favorite music playlist on Spotify. Just share your playlist and earn money. This is the best side hustle I used to do.

Note:- You can earn money only by your right approach and dedication. I used to do and earn from this method but there is no guarantee that you can also earn. It depends on you and your hard work.

If you also know some other websites which pay for listening to music then just share with us in the comment box. If this Article is informative then share it with your friends on social media. Thanks for staying with me.

Sharing is the best caring, my friend.