Do you have an Instagram account and still trying to get followers? Getting Instagram followers is a little bit tough on Instagram now after changing the algorithm in 2019.

I have checked on the internet for more than a hundred websites. They are talking about getting followers on Instagram pretty well. But still, I am going to tell you about this. Because only getting followers is not enough. You should have targeted followers so that you can do business, or become an influencer, or make some money.

let me answer three questions about Instagram. That will clear each and every aspect of getting targeted followers?

10 Easy Hacks to Grow Instagram Followers

What is Instagram and why should I use it?

Instagram is a visual social platform where people used it to share images or videos of their life moments with others. ( you can say the world.) It basically works on three themes.

First, capture their life moments and keep them as a memory for the future.

Second, use your spare time to entertain yourself.

Third, maintain relationships with friends in everyday life.

Now Instagram has become business-oriented and 80% of people are using business profiles on Instagram. Instagram has 300 million active monthly marketers who are sharing 60 million images and 1.6 billion likes per day.

So you should use Instagram if you want to do business or become an influencer and make easy money. Because Instagram has become a goldmine of traffic and it has a 40% conversion rate.

Instagram is basically the game of followers. And when we talk about followers then there must be a discussion about the Algorithm. On which Instagram promotes your profile and you get followers.

What is Instagram Algorithm and How it works?

An algorithm is the most frequently used word for every social media. And all the time you have heard that Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google, or any other platform changes their algorithm.

What the heck is this algorithm?

I am a tech guy and a computer science engineer. I have deep knowledge about this so let me answer it in simple language.

The algorithm is a set of instructions and rules which are used to solve a class of problems. A programmer writes a program based on this algorithm and puts all conditions in the program. When you do any activity on your social media platform, these codes run in the background and check all conditions. If your activity doesn’t satisfy the conditions then the program shows an error and your account gets suspended.

Nowadays Instagram Algorithm works on machine learning and Artificial intelligence.

What the heck is this? Let me explain this too.

Machine learning is based on learning from your past behavior. Instagram tracks all activities and learns from them. Next time, it will show those feeds which you like, comment, or search in the past. It learns about your behavior what you like most, what you don’t like, and curates your feed based on that.

How do they figure out all these things?

It is based on 3 major ranking factors. This is exactly what you have to know about the Instagram algorithm in order to get seen and engaged. Stop feeling about you are being hidden by Algo.

Three major Instagram algorithm ranking factor:-

  • Interest:- Instagram predicts what you are going to like in the future, based on your past behavior using image recognition technology. It read the contents of what’s in the post, image, and videos and predict if you are going to like that in the future which basically creates a feed that you see.

You can take advantage to grow your audience based on their interests. Just check which post is getting more engagement in your feed. Just create more posts based on higher engagement. Instagram checks the post engagement rate and shows it more to your audience who likes a particular type of post.

  • Recency and Timeliness:- When you upload a new post on Instagram it always shows at the top of your audience feed. You can take advantage of this. Just make a timeline of your audience when they live mostly active.

           You can do that by checking the insight of your Instagram account. At the top right corner, just click on insights then go to the audience on the right, scroll down and you can see all information about your audience. For iPhone users there is the best app called “when to post”, it will show you all the best times when your audience is active and when you can post.

The idea behind this is if you want to get more followers then you have to post at that time when most people are active on Instagram. So, your post can get more views, likes, and engagement. If you will not keep a time record then your post gets buried after 10 minutes by another new post.

  • Relationship:- Relationship is the most important factor for ranking on top. Instagram is a visual social platform and it gives more preference to that account who has a good relationship with the audience. If your new post gets more engagement and comments in 30 minutes then Instagram thinks that this account has a good relationship with which followers and they will show your post at the top of their feed.

 Now, how can you build the best relationship on Instagram?

There are so many ways to build it, let me explain here a few of them.

First, Comment on a similar type of account the latest post, just give a valued comment on their recent post or give heart to other comments, so that more people will see your comment and try to know about you.

Second, tag the relevant people from your niche and followers base. This will send a signal to Instagram that you have a good relationship in your particular niche and it will show your post in their feed. Don’t do over-tagging.

Third, Use the relevant hashtag, it will show that you are posting in a category and people who follow that category can see your post and follow your account.

How do I get more targeted followers on Instagram for business?

1. Feed Consistency

The feed is the most important part of growing Instagram followers organically. Your feed is the first impression for followers who can decide that they will convert or not. That’s why keep your feed consistent and organized in a proper manner.

If you have to do business or be an influencer then don’t just put any type of image in your Instagram feed like today you post your own pics, some other day you post motivational quotes, another day you post business posts, and so on. It really creates confusion for other people, for which things they will follow you. Because you have no authority in any particular niche, so they can’t decide to follow you.

Keep your feed highly organized. It means, if you are a photographer then just put your photography image work always in your feed, if you are in any business then post business-related images consistently, and so on.

For getting ideas, just check out Coca-Cola, Starbucks, businessideas365, and other profiles on Instagram, you will clearly understand what I want to say.

Grow Instagram Followers

2. Account Cleanup

Account cleanup is the process of keeping a highly active and targeted follower in your account for business purposes.

Let’s understand this, maybe you had gained millions of followers but the engagement rate is lower and your post is not getting enough hearts and comments then there is no use of that type of follower base. For doing business you only want active and interested people who can convert easily.

People used to do Follow and Unfollow to gain followers in starting or used bots to increase followers base. By using this method, you gain followers but they are not really interested in your niche. They just follow you for the sake of increasing their own followers. They don’t even care that what you are posting, and never give likes and comments. So, you don’t need this type of inactive person. You should clean up your account to remove inactive people.

Note:- Follow and Unfollow method was only helpful before 2018. Now in 2019, it doesn’t work, so don’t do this for the sake of gaining followers. Insoverdotagram has changed its algorithm and now they don’t like it anymore. If you overdo this then they might be banned from your account. So be safe and don’t do this.

How can you recognize these inactive users and clean up your account?

Let me help you here. There is an app called Cleaner app for IOS users. This helps you to clean up your all ghost or inactive users in one tap and it also creates a whitelist to protect your friends and fans. But make sure you use the premium version of this app.

Instagram Cleaner App for Grow Followers

For android users also it works but not more efficiently like IOS. But the premium version in android is much more helpful.

So just open your app, then:-

Select followers > Quick select > Advance select > Select inactive users > block

Perform this action in your cleaner app and it will remove all your inactive users.

3. Accounts You Engaged with

It is highly important that which type of account you are engaged with. For building a business, you must engage with that type of account that has a higher follower base in your niche or a similar type of account.

Just like, comment, share, and post your niche-specific content. Like and comments on others post who is similar in your niche. For example, if you are in a travel niche or photography niche, or any other business niche then just engaged with the same type of niche and likes and comments on similar types of posts. It will help you to grow your followers organically and increase the conversion rates of your followers.

Maybe you have more than one interest and want to post and engage with all types of posts related to your interest like travel, food, beauty, fashion, and so on. But I highly recommend that for doing business on Instagram and earn money from it just be consistent in only a single niche.

If you want to follow all your other interests too then just open another private Instagram account and post and engaged with your all interest in that account only.

4. Hashtags+Tagging

It is obvious that you would be using hashtags in the caption. But since Instagram has updated its algorithm than using relevant hashtags is the most important thing to get good engagement and make a viral post and use only your niche-specific hashtags.

There are so many different opinions about using hashtags. But the maximum you can use is 30 hashtags. I would recommend that 15 hashtags are enough to get good engagement and if you want to use more then up to 20 is enough in the caption. Other remaining 10 – 15 hashtags you can use in the comment section.

Instagram hashtags

You can search for relevant hashtags in the search section by clicking the search icon or in the caption section by suggested hashtags. The best part of searching is, it also shows you a number of submissions so that you can easily be identified that which hashtag you can use.

Let’s see some hashtags submissions facts below.

There is one more important thing about using hashtags is, don’t use so popular hashtags, or hashtags that have more submission. Just search relevant and your niche specific hashtags that have less than 500,000 submissions. The idea behind this is, hashtags that have more submission tend to allow your post to grow very slowly but fewer submissions hashtags allow you to grow quickly and more chances to get viral in less time.


hashtags posts


There is another simple trick to make your post viral with a hashtag is, just tag account which is associated with those hashtags which you are using.

For example, Let’s say you are using #makemoneyonline then also search for the same account which is associated with this hashtag and has the same name. By using this it is a high chance that your post will be featured on that page and get viral in no time.

5. Engaging with hashtags


Engaging with instagram Hashtags


It is so important that you engaged with other accounts and posts which are using the same hashtags. It will explore your accounts in front of other similar types of accounts and more chances to get followers.

When you search for hashtags than just going through the posts which have already featured in that hashtag page and interact with the top 10 – 20 posts, give them like and valued comment. You can also follow other accounts that are using that hashtag.

By doing this Instagram will give your account more exposure and suggest people follow it and a high chance to increase your posts engagement rate.

6. Posting time

Posting time is very very important as I already talked about it in the Algorithm section. But, let me give more exposure to this.

Instagram tells that on average people check their Instagram five times a day. But you don’t know exactly when they check it, but it is pretty obvious that everyone checks their Instagram in the morning time, or during lunchtime, or in the evening or before going to bed. But this is only a guess.

If you want to know the exact time when your audience becomes active then just use a business account and check your insights. Go to the audience section and at the bottom, you will get the exact time. In my case, it is at 9 PM. You can see in the below image.

Audience Insights


Post before 10 minutes of that time, so that when they will become active then your post will feature on top of their feed and higher chance to get engagement. Always post at the same time each and every day.

Who doesn’t have a business account either change your account in a business account which is totally free, or just post at the same time regularly? By using this posting time, your audience retention and engagement will have a higher chance to increase day by day.

7. Warm-Up before posting

Warming up before posting is more important to get engagement within the first hour. So how can you start warming up on Instagram?

It is so easy. Just start engaging and interacting with other accounts that you follow or who follow you, before 30 minutes of posting. Give them comments and likes or chat with them. And when you will post your post then it is a high chance that they will give you back the same.

Because Instagram is a community. And, for getting love and respect in a community first, you have to show love and respect to others and give them high value. Then you can expect the same in return.

The main reason to do this here is to get a good engagement within the first hour of posting. Because it will send a signal to Instagram that this content is highly engaging. Let’s featured it on the explorer page and your post will go viral. And, It has a high chance to get so many followers.

8. Replying to Comments

It is so important to reply to comments on your post. It helps you to build a good relationship in a niche-specific community. And when you post then a higher chance to get engagement in the first hours.

Don’t just post a photo and expect to like and comment and without responding back. Let’s see an example. Just assume that you make the best sketch and showing to others and they give you a good comment. Would you not respond to back by saying thanks?

This Instagram community works on the same principle. So after posting just don’t go offline, stay there and reply back to comments.

One most important reasons behind this are. Let’s suppose you get 100 comments in the first hour and you reply to the back. Then there are a total of 200 comments on your single post. This will show to Instagram that it is a highly engaged post and more valuable. So let’s add and featured it on top of the explorer page. So that more people can see it. And your post will go viral again and you can get many more followers by this.

9. Build a Squad with your Instagram Followers

Build a squad is dedicated to creating a group with your followers and just build your own community on Instagram. In that group just talk to each other, solve each other problems. This thing really helps you to get the best engagement and more followers.

You probably know that working alone takes much time and effort. But if your work with the team then you can achieve your goal much faster. The most important thing is that you will grow with your squad. Each member will also grow with you and support more.

If you have no group then either create a group and add your followers in that. Or, join a group related to your niche.

10. Stay Active

Stay active doesn’t mean that you should be online all day and night. It simply means that when you plan to post than before posting and after posting stay active for engagement. As I suggested in the above points.

Just turn on your all notification in your Instagram app. If any activity will happen on your post or profile then you will get notified and respond it back instantly. It will help you to grow on Instagram faster.

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It’s time to Wrap Up

Instagram is changing its algorithm rapidly these days. So, knowing the right strategy is more important to grow Instagram. Instagram is the best lucrative platform for business, influencers and it helps to earn money online. So many influencers earn their living from it. So without any delay, you should also use this platform to get maximum profit in your business.

There are many strategies and tips out there on the internet which teach you how to grow on Instagram quickly? But the main thing is about those is that they keep on changing by time. But, these tips are based on the Instagram main theme. On which, they have built this platform, so these tips are never going to change. And it will help you till the end to grow your account on Instagram.

Instagram is not one day show, you have to be consistent and dedicated to keeping on growing on this platform. If you follow all the tips heartily. Then, it will take a maximum of 6 months to 1 year to grow a large follower base. So use these tips and Keep on Growing on Instagram.

That’s all from my side. Thanks for staying with me till the end. And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @oliveminerrr, I always love to make new friends.

If you also have some useful tips about Instagram then comment on it, because we love to hear from you.

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