Want to get Free Facebook Page Organic traffic on your website then you are at the right place?

When we start our blog then our main focus is to get lots of traffic. Because this traffic can give us success to establish an authority blog and increase our monetary value. Our whole and sole focus lie in getting millions of free traffic because it can increase our ads income, affiliate marketing income, and so on.

But, how do I get this free facebook page organic traffic organic traffic to my blog?

There are two ways to get free traffic on the blog.

  1. Google First Page Rank
  2. Social Media traffic

Organic traffic depends on some technical words like SEO, Keyword, On-Page optimization, and link building. By following this all stuffs your blog will rank on Google’s first page and you will get millions of traffic. These all technical kinds of stuff I will cover in my other blog in detail

But if I am a novice and don’t know about technical stuff, then how can I get free traffic.? Here come social media in the role.

Let’s discuss Social media-free traffic.

In this digital world, everyone uses social media. All social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin have a huge collection of active user data. These active users are our main traffic source. 

Everyone uses Facebook more than once a day. Facebook alone has 1.44 Billion monthly active users. And in this billion of users, you can easily find millions of users from your niche. 

But, How can I find and direct them to our website?

If you are thinking about this question then I am going to tell step by step process in this Article. Let me reveal the secret of the Facebook fan page.

But before deep dive into this Article. Make sure you have a Facebook account and a fan page related to your blog.

#1. Create a Page

If you want to drive traffic on your website then you should have a perfect platform to direct them, and that is the Facebook fan page. 

Hover over on the create option in facebook navigation and click on the page. Put your business name and upload your business logo pic and cover image.

Now you have to give some details description, contact no, website Url and your page is ready. 

You must upload some engaging content like images, videos, and blog post links related to your niche. It is super easy and I know everyone knows this already.

#2. Join Relevant Groups

You have created a Fan page. Now it’s time to join some relevant groups related to your Niche.

 If you want traffic who can easily come to your blog and purchase something then you have to find a large audience group related to your topic and join it. 

Once they will approve your request then you can post engaging content in that group. Follow their terms and condition, don’t post any irrelevant things. 

Start to build trust in that group with your content or be friends with other members. When your post starts getting like and share then you can easily invite them to like your page. And once they will come to your page then it is so easy to direct them to your blog.

Give some offers or free things which people can use like cheatsheet, crash course, tutorials, or any giveaway, and post your blog link. Like this, you can get free organic traffic.

#3. Facebook Ads

If you want to drive a huge amount of traffic within one day or week then Facebook ads are the best way, but you have to spend some money here. It is not free, but it gives a high amount of sales and conversion rate. And once you generated paid traffic then you can always direct them on your blog.

But how to place Facebook ads?

Facebook ads are very simple and easy to place. Just follow this synopsis step by step given below:-

First, click on the Create option and choose Add. The next window will open. In the consideration column, choose the engagement option and then scroll down and select page likes and continue. On the next page, just set ad name and select the page which you want to promote. Then create your custom audience, select location, Age, Gender, Language. After that, you can do detailed targeting of the audience. Save this audience and then set your daily budget according to your needs. After running Ad, you can edit anytime and check who has liked your page. You can invite them to follow. Because so many people only like but don’t follow.

#4. Shoutout Technique

The shoutout technique is the best technique to generate free traffic. It works the same as Instagram. Once your page will achieve 3000 followers and likes then you can collaborate with other pages in the same niche with 3000 or above followers. 

They can post your content on their page and you can put their content on your page. This is the best method to exchange genuine traffic and followers to your page. 

Even Niel Patel has also suggested this as the best marketing technique.

#5. Cross Promoting Old page with New 

This is the best method to recycle your content and page. If your page became old then you can create a new page and first promote that page. Once you will get a decent amount of followers then promote old page content on that page. With this method, your new page traffic will direct to your old page which is full of content.

Another method is, within one month just recycle your old post and share it. Create a poll about that old content and ask for audience view. Engage them with your question. When you have free time just be live on Facebook and held a Q&A session.

Sometimes announce any offer related to your niche or give them some freebie.

This technique is the best for driving traffic to your website.

You can promote your Facebook page on other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Reddit, and so on.

#6. Setup group

Facebook group is best for creating community. Where everyone can join as a member and they can also invite others to join your group. 

Once your page has achieved a decent amount of traffic then you must create a group and invite all of your followers to join the group. 

Be engaging and post relevant information about your niche. Ask group members about their problem and try to solve. From this method, you can find the daily topic to write a blog. And you can solve their problem with your blog. 

A golden rule of business is “Where there is a problem, there is a business”

If you solve their problem then people will trust you and they will do business with you, my friends.

You can also join other groups and post engaging content in that group. Once people will like your post then invite them to your group or page.

#7. Post Link Of your Website or BlogPost

Whenever you write a blog post then after publishing, immediately share your link on your Facebook page and group. So that you can generate free traffic on your blog post. 

If you want to make your post viral then before writing you can tell people about your topic and ask their opinion and their problem or any suggestion. You can include all of this in your post so if they read they can feel that you have given the value of their suggestion. In online business, value is a more important thing. 

Before posting your link, You can use the Facebook debug tool to check the view of your blog post, how it looks.

#8. Be Regular on Facebook

Last but not least, Be regular on Facebook. Daily post more than 5 -10 times engaging posts or images or videos. Interact with your followers and group members.

Because there is no use of audience on Facebook unless you are not regular. People will lose interest in your content. Don’t be an introvert. 

The Facebook algorithm also like regularity in post.

It’s time to Wrap Up

Facebook has a huge database of Active users almost 1.44 billion. So if you use a proper technique and follow all steps then you can drive millions of free organic traffic monthly on your blog. Daily Invest your time on Facebook and you will start to grow exponentially within a month. This free traffic can make your brand.

So my dear friends, If you feel this blog is informative and like then please share it with your friends. Your one share can give me millions of support to create content like this and help my all novice blogger friends.

Thanks for being here and give your precious time.

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