Do you want to earn money from mobile apps? OR You are searching for the best mobile apps to earn some extra cash online. Maybe you have tried so many apps to make money but you have failed.

Don’t worry my friends, you have landed on the right page. Here I am going to share about 10 best-Earning Apps which can pay you $100 per day if you work daily with the right approach and dedication.

Many people are saying that earning money online with Apps is easy. Only work for one hour and get paid. This is the biggest lie according to me. Every work needs the right approach and dedication either it is online or offline. Online work takes time to generate money. If you are consistent and working daily then after a month or two months you can start earning slowly. So keep patient and work regularly until you get money.

These apps just take your minimum of 10 minutes daily to work, you can work more as per your time slot. Some people are earning more than $100 with these apps only. You can also earn. These mobile apps are totally legit and tested and good in rating.

Just stay with me, I am going to share in detail about each.

10 Best Earn Money from Mobile Apps that can pay you $100 Everyday

1. Mercari – the selling app

Mercari Earn money online app

Mercari is the best place to sell your used or unused stuff online through an app or website. 

If you have any stuff such as clothing, fashion items, toys, electronics items, Games stuff, jewelry, etc which you are not using then make a list of all items, take a snap to each one, and upload it on Mercari with your own price and sell it.

This is a very simple and hassle-free app. If an order comes for your listed items then Mercari shipment Agents come to your doorstep and collect your item to ship. You will get paid after the item is delivered to the customer.

Now no need to store old clothes, shoes, or any other stuff in your home, just make a list, take photos and upload with a description on Mercari and get paid.

I love this app so much. You can also buy new or used items at the lowest price. 

This app is totally legit and listed in the top 15 money-making apps in CNBC, Women’sDay, TeenVogue, Brit+Co websites.

Listing items is totally free on Mercari, only you have to give a 10% selling fee when your sales are complete. This fee is not applied to all items. You can check on their website that which items are free from selling fees.

One more thing I want to tell you. You can earn unlimited on this app, it depends on sales. One of my friends earned $2,400 within 4 months of posting a list. 

Not that Bad, Right?

2. Handy – Book Home Services

Handy App

If you have some good in some home jobs and provide the best services for home then you can earn money easily in one hour or less than that with these Apps.

Handy is a new and best legit app which provides home services. People book home services through this app. You get paid by completing these simple jobs.

You can simply join as a professional in the Handy app or website. There are mainly 5 types of home services as Cleaner, Electrician, Handyman, Lawn Care, and Plumber. You can apply as per your skill, describe your skill, and get listed in a professional list.

After joining as a pro, you have to do very simple jobs in your nearby areas. I say simple jobs always because I am listing this job name here, read once and think yourself how easy it is.

These jobs names are House cleaning, Office cleaning, Hanging pictures and selves, Home theater setup, AC installation, Moving help, Interior painting, hanging window treatment, replacing Knobs and locks, Fixing drains, Replacing Faucets and toilets, Installing Garbage disposal, installing light fixtures and fans, replacing outlets and switches, and much more whatever you can think.

Now just think, you went someone home to just hanging picture selves, set a TV or home theater. This work only takes 10 to 15 minutes and you get paid $50 for this single work. 

And you know Top professionals on this app are earning $1000 per week. A cleaner can earn $22 / hr and a handyman can earn $45 / hr.

Just Think, How much you can earn in a day? Isn’t it sound crazy? But it is true and this app is legit to earn a decent amount of money in just one hour.

These all services and jobs opportunity you will get on your mobile no. And you know the best part of this app is, No need to track down customers for payments, It is directly deposited into your bank account after finishing the job.

3. BookScouter

Bookscouter App

Books are everywhere from our school, college to home. We start our study with books and make a large collection in our study period. Some people are fond of reading novels, storybooks and much more. 

If you have a collection of used books at your home then you can earn a good amount of money by selling them online through these apps. 

BookScouter is the best place to sell your used books. It helps you to sell textbooks or used books at a good price by comparing offers and prices from over 35 book buyback vendors with a single search.

This app is best for students, Individual Book owner, Librarian, or person who have a collection of old books which is not in use, and want to declutter house by selling them and earn some hard cash.

The selling process on this app or website is very easy. Just search any book’s ISBN by using a phone camera or type it manually, compare the best price over 35 buyback vendors, Sell your book where you find the best price. Only these 3 simple processes. Isn’t it easy? 

You can get your payment through a check in the mail or direct deposit to your Paypal account.

4. Grailed

Grailed app

Grailed is the largest Men’s Designer and Streetwear Marketplace where you can sell your used or new designer clothes at a high price.

You can list your designer items by uploading images with a short description and your own prices. Grailed will first check the authenticity of the product and then list it in your online closet.

The interesting part of Grailed is, If anyone opens your closet and checks one item then your all-listed item starts showing in front of them. 

If you don’t have any designer clothes then you can simply buy them from another website or I prefer to buy from the Mercari app at less price and sell it at a high price on the Grailed app. 

To maintain authenticity, just sell branded clothes, sneakers, hoodies, or any designer thing which meets their high-quality requirement.

Your earnings depended on your sell and from one sell you can earn $100 minimum and $1000 maximum.

5. StockX

StockX app

StockX is another great app where you can sell and buy Sneakers, Streetwear, Watches, and Handbags. But they follow the theme of the stock market where seller place asks and buyer place bids. When asks and bids meet then sell executed.

It is the safest and fastest buy and sells authentic and high-quality products. Every product authenticates by a team of specialists. So please don’t try to sell unauthentic products.

It is a legit app and featured in ESPN, The New York Times, Forbes, WSJ, TechCrunch, CNN, GQ, BBC, and much more.

So you can buy the high quality and authentic product from any app and sell it in StockX app at a high price. You can earn $100 per day if you follow every rule and process.

6. Depop

 Depop earning app

Depop is another great Fashion marketplace for buying and selling things online through mobile. You can sell clothes, Streetwear, sneakers, and more fashion wear stuffs here in the fashion community.

Start listing your items here such as streetwear brands, Vintage fashion, Sneakers and sell in the community. Search people online in forums, community, social media and promote your listed product to them and sell it.

If you want to sell your products on Depop then please maintain your Brand, Quality, and Authenticity of product.

You can earn more than $100 per sale but your earning depends on your sales and traffic. To promote as much as possible on every social platform, review products on youtube, Join forums, community, use Pinterest and much more.

7. GOAT- Buy and Sell sneakers

Goat App

Goat is the best place to buy and sell new and used branded sneakers. It is specialized in only shoes and sneakers. This app is legit, safe and featured in Los Angeles Times, Complex, Hypebeast, Techcrunch and much more.

You can sell your sneakers in minutes simply by taking a photo and setting a price. They provide data to set a price and they also show you what buyers are willing to pay.

They verify every order before shipping for authenticity. An also provides you a pre-address a shipping label to ship your shoe.

If you maintain your authenticity you can earn good money from here. There is such a huge user of sneakers out there in the market. So this is the best way to earn more than $100 per day buy only selling sneakers.

8. WordSwag

WordSwag app

WordSwag app is best for word Art. It magically turns your word into thousands of creative Photo text design. You can easily make beautiful graphics for your social media post or blog post. You can also Create announcements and flyers.

These designs are really amazing mostly font design with Gold foil, Stamped, Watercolor effects. These are created by a professional and ready to use.

But How can we earn money from this WordSwag text design apps?

Let me tell you how you can earn. It is very simple and easy.

Head over to and set up your own gigs for Word art design. You can design words for wall stickers, T-shirt design, Coffee mug, Cap and much more. 

You can sell this word art on Fiverr and make good money. 

Word art on Fiverr

But there is also a huge competition on Fiverr. Let me tell one secret so you can stand out from the competition and start selling like a skyrocket. Human beings love free things and if you provide value to them with your freebie then man, You can crush it on Fiverr.

9. Texting Story – Chat Story Maker

Texting Story app

Texting Story is a very interesting app. It is just like a chatbot where you can make a long conversation and convert this Chat in short videos. Basically, you can create a video from your chat story.

You can also do a lot of fun texting story. It is the best time pass for me sometimes.

But again the same question, How can we make money from this Texting story?

So Again the same answer, Head over to and set up gigs for Text Story maker videos. So many companies use this type of texting videos to promote themselves on social media. And for this work, they just hire someone from Fiverr to do it. 

So you have the best opportunity to earn good money with this interesting app. Use the same tips which I have shared already for the WordSwag app to stand out from the crowd.

10. Dosh App 

Dosh App

Dosh is a very legit shopping app that provides cashback on every purchase. If you used to do shopping more often then this app is for you. 

By using this app you can able to save some real money of your every purchase.  Either you shop any item from your favorite brands or pay any bills such as hotels, restaurants, gas, petrol and so on.

They give cashback to your Dosh Wallet. You have to link your debit or credit card to transfer your money to your bank account.

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Final words to say

If you really want to earn some real money then these methods are best and 100% legit. These are the Best Earn money apps that are tested by me and many of my friends. If you have a smartphone in your hand then no matter what, you can earn money from anywhere.

But let me tell you a hard truth about this. You can’t earn any money in a single day. You have to put your afford, learn the right process, be honest with your work and work consistently then there is a chance to earn money.

If you try once and fail to earn then don’t lose your hope, just try again and again with new tactics until you start making money. Keep trying until you get success.

No one becomes rich in a single night on this earth.

This post is for educational and informational purposes. Earning money from this is totally depends on you.

If you also know about some best legit mobile apps the share with us in the comment box and also share this post with your friend on social media. 

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