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You have landed here it means you are searching for steps to make an Amazing Pinterest Profile so that people will follow from day one. After all, Pinterest is a little bit comprehensive and confusing for beginners. Even I took 3 months to understand properly each step, which I will share with you in this blog.

But before deep dive in this tutorial, lets clear some doubt about Pinterest. It is not a social media platform, it is a visual search engine which works on keywords, SEO, description, and pins.

Why Pinterest is important for bloggers?

Pinterest has more than 250 million active users monthly. Google takes at least 4 – 6 months to index your website and blog which is SEO rich. So for beginners, it is very difficult to drive traffic on the new blog. Pinterest is the only way through which you can drive millions of traffic within two or three months. 

So if you are searching for the proper way to set up a Pinterest account and drive tons of traffic on your blog then you are at the right place. I am going to share all the steps which I have learned from my experience. 

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10 Easy steps to Make a Pinterest Profile

Here I am going to show you all step by step processes to make a Professional Pinterest Profile from day one.

#1. Create a Pinterest business account

Pinterest offers two types of accounts, Personal and Business. But the business account is recommended for all bloggers, or if you want to do marketing then also. 

Maybe a simple question pops up here in your mind.

Why a Business account, and what is it? How to get it?

A Pinterest business account provides you features like Analytics and Advertising. Which is essential for marketing and driving traffic from all demographics. In a personal account, you can’t find these features. Even you can not use your business name and website URL. 

Features of Business Account:-

  1. Instead of your name, you can use a Business name or Blog name.
  2. You can Link your website by “Claim your Website” option. It means, Your website link will appear on the profile so you will get more click-throughs.
  3. Pinterest Analytics feature of business account gives you an insight into your Pins and Profile performance.
  4. You can access both Promoted Pins and Rich Pins. Rich pins are important for every blogger.

Getting a business account is absolutely free and easy to make.

There are two ways to create a Business account.

Convert your Personal Account in a Business Account.

You can easily convert your existing account into a business account.

  1. Login to your account and Hover over on Three dots which is in the upper right corner.
  2. Select the Red Add Profile button, or Click on Edit setting.
  3. Now select Account setting and then click on Convert account option in the account change section.
  4. Now click on continue on the next page with your email.
  5. Fill your Business name and Business type, Website Url on the next page, Connect Social media like Insta, youtube.
  6. Choose “Yes, I’m interested in ads” and click next. 

Now you can see the Analytics option in the left corner of your Pinterest profile. It means your business account has been created.

You can also do the same process by mobile within a few steps.

Login >> setting button >> Upgrade now >> Fill business name, Type, Website

Create an AMAZING Pinterest Profile

Create a Brand new Business Account.

You can create a new business account by following the same process.

  1. Go to Pinterest Home Page
  2. Select to create a new Business Account
  3. Enter your Email and Password
  4. Type your Business Name and Type, add your Website
  5. Then click on Create Account.

#2. Claim your Website on Pinterest

You have successfully created a Business account. Now it’s time to Claim your website. But how?

What is the benefit of Claiming my Website?

The benefit of claiming your website indicates your website Authenticity and shows Pinterest that you have a legitimate website. Other benefits are listed below:-

  1. Your profile picture will appear next to Pins which will come from your website
  2. Globe icon will appear next to your website URL on Profile
  3. You can access Analytics and Ads to see your best engagement content

How can I claim my website?

It is a little bit techy, in which you need to add some meta tags to the HTML file. Don’t be confused, I cover step by step process to add this. For me, it was very simple because I had a computer science background. So I understand codes very well. 

It is pretty easy and you don’t need to worry about codes.

  1. After login, your Pinterest Profile click on three dots in the top right corner
  2. Click on setting option 
  3. Go to Claim section and add your website URL and click Claim
  4. Now select HTML tag and copy existing Code 

Pinterest says that you must put that code in the index.html file of the website which should be included in the section and before the section.

But for WordPress users, it is very difficult to play with codes in original files and even it is so hard to find. It is a very overwhelming process and risky also, any mistake can affect your site.

Say thanks to WordPress plugins. For everything, plugins are available which makes our life easier.

  1. Install the Insert Header and Footer” plugin.
  2. Now go to the WordPress setting and click on Insert header and footer.
  3. Paste that code in the header section and click save
  4. Now click Next and then Submit button in Pinterest

Pinterest will take 24 hours to verify your website and link it to your profile. 

#3. Select a good Business Name

Let’s start to make your profile professional and you must start with Business Name.

The business name is very important because it always indicates your blog and business. It is the first impression of your profile that makes people read and click to open. It also allows you to rank for searches in your niche.

If you want to craft the best business name then my suggestion is to use your own name followed by blog niche or Your blog name with niche keywords. Because for SEO it is the best practice.

If you want to change the business name then simply click on the three dots

  1. Click on setting option
  2. Go to account settings
  3. Change your Contact name and save it.

#4. Select a good Profile Photo

A good-looking and clear photo is important for your first impression on Pinterest. Because you are not going to meet any one of them personally, so your photo can only build trust and a brand.

To upload a good profile photo that is clear, high quality, and bright enough. Try to look welcoming so that people can invite you easily. You may have heard the quote thatThe first impression is the Last Impression. You can also use a company logo if you are trying to build a brand.

How to change profile picture?

It is pretty easy.

  1. Go to setting option and click on edit profile
  2. Here you can change your profile pic, Display Name, Username, and write about your profile and click on Done.

#5. Write an awesome About section

About section is very important for a professional look on Pinterest.

 You can write about your business or blog and the services which you offer. 

My recommendation is, You should use a keyword related to your niche in this section. As you know that Pinterest is a search engine. So your profile can rank in the search result for those particular keywords.

#6. Create Some Boards

Now you have successfully created a business profile. But an Empty profile looks awkward to see. So, it’s time to fill your profile with some boards or pins.

The first step is to create some boards where you can save your pins or other pins.

How to create a board?

Creating a board is super easy to work.

  1. Go to your profile and click on boards option
  2. Then click on create board + sign
  3. Write a name relevant to your pins ( means, if you are saving pins for SEO then board name should be “SEO Tips”).
  4. Keep your board secret in starting, you can switch off later after saving some pins.

You can also edit your boards and write a keyword-rich description so that your board will rank for those keywords.

You should create at least 10 boards and save some pins so that others can see some content and invite you or you can follow others. On Pinterest, it is common to check your profile first that’s why your profile should be filled with relevant pins.

#7. Add a cover image to your Boards

You have heard about the Facebook cover. It is similar to that and pretty easy to make which can give your boards a professional look.

You can create a cover image by any software or online. Canva and PicMonkey is the recommended tool where you can create an image and download it easily. I mostly prefer Canva because it’s so simple and easy. Your cover image size should be 600px by 600px.

A Quick Guide to create a cover image for boards using Canva:-

  1. Create an account or login on Canva (if you have an account)
  2. Go to Homepage and select Custom dimensions 
  3. Enter 600 by 600 px in both boxes
  4. Then click on Create a new design
  5. After making a Cover image you can Click on Publish (Top right corner) and select the Download option.
Create an AMAZING Pinterest Profile

How to upload a cover image on board?

  1. After login to your account, click on the +sign top right corner
  2. Now select create pin option
  3. Add your Image and write the title, Which is your board name
  4. Now save it to that board for which you want to cover
  5. Now Click on that, and select the edit icon
  6. Click Change option next to cover
  7. At last, save it

Now the cover image will appear on your board and you can repeat the same process for other boards. When anyone visits your profile then it will look more elegant and professional.

#8. Follow relevant Pinners from your niche

Now it’s time to make some relationships with other pinners who are relevant to your niche. You need to find them and follow them. When you follow the relevant people then their pins will contribute to your smart feed.

So please don’t follow other peoples who are not from your niche. It means if you are an SEO blogger then you can’t follow a food bloggers.

How can you find the relevant Pinners or people?

It is very simple. 

  1. Simply write your keyword in the upper search box and search
  2. Now Click on downward Arrow sign on the search bar
  3. Select People option 
  4. Now you can follow all pinner which is relevant for you

Note:- Don’t follow more than 300 people in a day. I suggest only 100 to be safe on Pinterest otherwise Pinterest might suspend your account for suspicious activity.

#9. Regular Pinning

This is the most important part of creating an account. Pinterest always likes manual pinning. I think you have heard a quote that “ Consistency is the key of Succes”. It means at least open your profile daily and pin some relevant pins to your boards or save other’s pins.

So don’t keep your profile empty. After creating boards, save relevant pins to them. I recommend 5 to 10 pins on each board. Because if someone will follow you or invite or check your profile then it doesn’t look empty.

#10. Enable your Featured Boards

This is a Showcase-type feature for your profile. It shows the best boards automatically. It means if anyone checks your profile or your followers can see some of your boards without doing anything.

For Example, When you go to a shopping mall or any layout, they put some kinds of stuff in showcase which attract you, and most of the time you want to buy the same thing which looks in the showcase. 

It is very easy to Enable.

  1. Just click on the setting option
  2. Go to Edit profile and scroll to the bottom
  3. Now click Edit button next to Featured boards
  4. Choose up to 5 best boards and save it.

Now your profile is fully ready in these 10 easy steps.

It’s Time to Wrap up

To get success in blogging or marketing carrier, Pinterest plays a very important role. You can start earning money within 3 months from Pinterest traffic. Most people are earning millions from this technique. 

 So make your Pinterest profile is very important and craft it as a professional is the only key to Pinterest Success.

So many people are selling the Pinterest course and earning money from that. And they write the same steps in their tutorial. But I am creating this tutorial for free. It is free because I face problems learning these things and I couldn’t afford courses in those days. So my only concern is that I don’t want those other fellow bloggers to face the same problem. That’s why it is free.

For a beginner, This tutorial is enough to take a good start. There is so many advance technique in Pinterest for marketing, paid pins and more. But first start from these steps drive enough traffic and earn some money after that you can buy an advanced course. Very soon Pinterest advanced course will be available on this website at less price. So keep coming back.

If you know other secrets about Pinterest then please share in the comment box. We love to hear from you.

If you find this tutorial helpful then share it further with your friends and social media to help others.

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